Pattern Design that's playful


Forget the plain, let's have more fun. Like Crazy Happy Uterus' or doughnuts.... people love doughnuts!

Pattern design is a love of mine and while I can't sew to save my life I love seeing what others make. From napkins to dresses to my absolute favourite - customised medical surgical caps the creative spirit is endless. My patterns are available in a range of textiles, wallpaper and wrapping paper and can be purchased through Spoonflower.


Aussie Aussie Aussie! Oi Oi Oi!


Australia is known for our wonderful produce; Ligurian honey from Kangaroo Island or the deeply decadent Haighs Chocolates from Adelaide as examples but don’t forget the subculture of nostalgic foodie goodness. Its something that stirs something deep inside us (especially the 1980’s babies)…


Please visit Spoonflower to view the full range of pattern designs currently available.